BizTalk 2004 SAP, EDI, RosettaNet, Web Services Integration

CLIENTS: Microsoft Consulting Services and Nortel Networks

SUMMARY: We worked as a partner of Microsoft Consulting Services providing critical SAP integration expertise and delivering the SAP integration components for the Microsoft BizTalk 2004 Server, SharePoint Server, and Web Services implementation at Nortel Networks. We implemented BizTalk interfaces to SAP for order processing scenarios for sales orders and purchase orders using a combination of the Covast EDI Adapter, IWay SAP R/3 Adapter, SAP .Net Connector, ABAP IDoc and BAPI Programming, and ALE Configuration.

BizTalk SAP Interface Configuration and Development: We configured the IWay SAP Adapter for all of the IDoc, RFC, and BAPI communication between the BizTalk and the SAP R/3 system. We generated XSD schemas for these interfaces and helped with the mapping between EDI, intermediate Nortel Business Object, and SAP IDoc, BAPI, and RFC formats. The order interface scenarios were configured for EDI 850 (order creation), 855 (order confirmation), 856 (order change), 810 (invoice), and 860 transaction sets.

SAP Configuration and Development:We configured the SAP ALE configuration for IDoc communication. We extended standard SAP IDocs for the order processing scenarios and also developed custom IDocs and the associated processing using ABAP for additional non standard processes.

We developed an SAP interface to the IBM CrossWorlds SAP module. We developed custom SAP RFCs to query and extract the SAP IDoc status and data record information from the IBM CrossWorlds SAP log interface tables and standard SAP IDoc tables.

.Net Development: We developed a complete web services interface between a Supplier SharePoint Portal and SAP R/3. The web services was developed using a combination of C#, ASP.Net, BizTalk to invoke the standard and custom SAP functionality mentioned above. The web services provided APIs to query Purchase order, acknowledgement, shipping notices in SAP and also update this information using XML interfaces. An API was developed to allow users to download a range of purchase orders as RosettaNet 3A4 Purchase Order creation documents.

Siebel UAN Implementation on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004

CLIENTS: Siebel, Microsoft, and HP

SUMMARY: We worked with Siebel, Microsoft, and HP consultants to develop a Siebel UAN and SAP integration application using Biztalk 2004 which was showcased at the Microsoft and HP booths at the Siebel User Week conference in San Diego. Orders created in the Siebel CME (Communication, Media, and Energy) CRM system flow to the Siebel UAN (Universal Application Network) CME ProcessOrder IBP implemented in Biztalk 2004. These Siebel orders are converted to UAN CommonObjects. The CommonObjects ProcessService content is transformed to SAP specific order data which is used to invoke a web service using the SAP .NET Connector to create orders in the SAP system. Order acknowledgment information is passed back to BizTalk, converted to Siebel order acknowledgements, and forwarded to update this information in the Siebel system.

We installed and configured SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 system and created customers, products, and pricing. We developed RFCs, BDCs, and CATT Scripts with ABAP programming and configured the ALE layer for IDoc transactions in the SAP system. We developed BizTalk 2004 B2B interfaces using C#, .Net platform, Web Services, and the SAP .NET Connector and mapped data between Siebel and SAP using BizTalk 2004 mapping tools.

Learn how LTC implemented Siebel UAN on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 for Siebel User Week 2004 (see Siebel eBusiness Applications Integration Demo).

Read the associated whitepaper for implementing Siebel UAN on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004. (Word format: 339KB)
[Also available for download at Microsoft:].

NVIDIA BizTalk 2002 RosettaNet SAP Integration Implementation


SUMMARY: We implemented the RosettaNet SAP integration solution for NVIDIA for enabling their business partners to communicate RosettaNet PIP documents. We enabled integration for both RosettaNet Implementation Framework 1.1 and 2.0 with standard PIP XML and custom XML documents. We configured SAP ALE, BizTalk Messaging, RosettaNet Accelerator, and the BizTalk SAP Adapter. We implemented BizTalk Orchestrations to communicate B2B information with SAP using a combination of BAPI calls and IDocs. We mapped 3B2 Advanced Shipment Notification PIP data to SAP MGBMCR Goods Receipt and Good Movement IDocs. We developed BAPIs to interface with the SAP IDoc tables and Batch Characteristics data.

SAP Banking 4.63 and BizTalk Server 2004 Integration

CLIENT: Microsoft BizTalk Server End-to-End Team

MANAGER: Ken Knight

MODULES: SAP Banking 4.63, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004, Microsoft BizTalk SAP Adapter

DESCRIPTION: We installed the SAP 4.6C R/3 system and the SAP Banking 4.63 system to develop a demo that shows customer credit transaction integration between SAP, MQSeries, and a mainframe application using BizTalk Server 2004. We configured the SAP banking module to create customers and accounts including credit card accounts with account overdraft, internal account, external account, and cash advance limits. We developed BizTalk orchestrations to invoke the SAP BAPIs to access the SAP banking information and combine it with data from other systems.

SAP Order Fulfillment Solution


Client: McAfee, Inc.
Industry: Technology

SAP Platform: SAP R/3 4.6c
SAP Modules: SD and FI
SAP Technologies: SAP Business Connector, SAP ALE, IDocs

External Systems: OAG Standard XML documents

Business Situation: McAfee wanted to automate the order fulfillment process withs its partner by submitting orders to multiple fulfillment centers around the world in real-time and receiving order acknowledgements and shipment confirmations using standards-based XML documents. The goal of this project was to make this process more efficient and cost-effective for both parties through automation and reduced manual intervention.

Solution: LTC developed automated XML-based order fulfillment interfaces between McAfee's SAP system and the partner's order fulfillment application using a combination of SAP Business Connector, XML, Java, and SAP ALE technology.

SAP Sales and Distribution and Web Sales Integration

CLIENT: McAfee, Inc.

SUMMARY: We integrated various sales applications developed using Microsoft technologies to the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. The sales applications include a web store, different parts of a Sales Force Automation solution, and a data warehouse application. These applications leverage the product catalog, pricing, order processing, and customer information in the SAP system. We built XML interfaces to the SAP system to allow these applications to access SAP data and business logic in a consistent, scalable, and reliable manner. We built a bi-directional customer data replication interface using the SAP Business Connector, Java, and XML to leverage ALE and Customer master IDOCs. We also built a SOAP/XML interface on top of the sales order BAPIs so that sales orders can be created easily by various applications.

SAP HR Integration with External Systems Using SAP Workflow, HR IDocs, and SAP Connectors


Client: McAfee, Inc.
Industry: Technology

SAP Platform: SAP R/3 4.6c
SAP Modules: HR
SAP Technologies: SAP Workflow, HR IDocs, ALE, SAP Business Connector, SAP DCOM Connector

External Systems: Windows NT Domain Server, Microsoft Exchange, Magic Solutions Help Desk, McAfee eStore, custom SFA application, and data warehouse.

Business Situation: McAfee lacked a unified infrastructure for handling HR events and IT management. As a result, McAfee suffered from out-of-sync data, data inconsistency, security lapses, and long response times to HR events. There was no single system of record and systems maintenance was difficult and costly.

Solution: LTC and McAfee solved this problem by designing, building, and deploying an integration solution based on SAP and Microsoft technologies that tied SAP HR events to McAfee's various IT systems.

EAI and B2B Integration using SAP XI 3.0

CLIENT: A major biotechnology company

SUMMARY: Using SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) 3.0, LTC implemented EDI, Web Services, flat file, and JDBC-based integration to SAP Enterprise, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP Portals. The EDI 850, 855, 856, 810, and 846 transaction sets were integrated with SAP IDocs ORDERS05, INVOIC02, CREMAS03, and MBGMCR02. Integration scenarios covered legacy systems, in-house applications, and external partners using the latest SAP integration platform and best practices. This project was performed in concert with SAP Consulting Services.